Monday, March 31, 2014

The extent of life is unnecessary

I believe life should be short. When you are old, you can't do anything except wait to die. Extending life just seems ( besides being pointless) like it would suck. Scientist shouldn't try to extend life. People are destined to die! It's a natural thing. I would like to die whenever I would be ready. If I could see my grandchildren get married, that would be a good time for me to die, so I will know my purpose in life could be fulfilled.

I agree with the author that “adding years to a life doesn’t necessarily make it any fuller" because once you have accomplished what you have needed to do in life, you should be done. People want to live longer because they are afraid of death when it shouldn't be conceived as something scary. I can't confidently say there are any benefits of living longer. Maybe the fountain of youth can cure rapidly aging diseases, of diseases that cause someone to die early in life. So in a nutshell, I don't really see any benefits, so there really is no competition in the sense that the benefits outweigh the negatives.  


  1. I like what you said in number 1 because life can suck for most of the people in this world that are over 80 years old but to see your family grow up would be awesome too.

  2. I agree with you that life starts to not be fun once you are too old to do anything. Nice job!