Thursday, March 6, 2014

I believe

I believe The unknown is what I am most afraid of, but the unknown is what will give me my best experiences.
I believe that men and woman have stereotypical lives. Growing up, there is so much propaganda that tells men that they can't have feelings; it's okay if they cheat, or are abusive because it's never the man's fault. Women grow up believing they need to get married and have children. I believe women are just getting into the age where it is common to have careers. Women are altering their bodies, not for medical reasons, but so they can be perceived as more attractive. The thing that is all drilled into our heads from school and parents are: go to college, get a job, get married and have a family. Having a secure future is what we believe we have to look forward to when we get out and live on our own. So much is expected of us - and we in a sense- lie to ourselves, believing this is normal.
I believe people rely on technology so often because they want an escape from their boring reality. When you look around, you see melancholy faces. Just looking at myself, I feel almost trapped. I strongly feel as though it damages the human spirit, because we are programmed and expected to fallow certain paths.Our lives are in a monotonous repetition. We are meant to explore, see knew things that no man has seen before. There is a passion in everyone for adventure. But modern society has repressed us with taxes, fashion trends, ties and cigarettes. Because people are stuck in a status quo lifestyle, It's almost scary to even consider a helter- skelter one. But the joy of having an endless changing horizon is indescribable. From my personal life, I have had a relatively boring life. I was engulfed in technology and rarely left my house. But after getting involved in sports, I was able to find myself. I became active and wanted to really live. I want to travel the world after high school. I want to climb mountains, dive deep into the ocean, I want to do dangerous things, but all I want is to experience as much as I can before I become unable to do so. And what drives me nuts is that I could be in a car accident tomorrow and become paralyzed, or die and not be able to see had feel life that's happening around me.  The unknown is what I am most afraid of, but the unknown is what gives people their best experiences.


  1. I think that this is a great belief. Far too many people are okay with having boring lives, or at least don't do anything about it. People constantly complain about how bored they are, but they don't do anything to get rid of the boredom. If anyone's ever bored, that's the perfect time to be trying new things and learning, not sitting on your bed playing flappy bird.

  2. I think your piece is very inspiring. Everyone today is living by what they see in society or what society tells them, especially for women. I agree it's scary not to know what happens next, but a lot of times that's what make it fun and interesting. Your belief is very powerful.

  3. I agree completely. People have a black and white perspective these days. They don't realize there is more to do than what people tell you to do or then beating the next level. Do what you want. Because tomorrow you might not be able to and on you can look back on is beating your high score.

  4. Miranda, your piece really spoke to me. It made me think about how I've been living my life. I've had to go through some pretty tough crap over the past couple years but I want to be free and live my life to the fullest. Experience everything I possibly can, while I still can, not sit on my bed and play flappy bird (cooper). We have a life to treasure and make it the best we can to our ability. Your piece was so amazing and well written, PLEASE write more for me :)